January 11, 2008

A Noisy Mystery

You may remember (or maybe not) that back in September my husband surprised me with a new refrigerator.

Now it's a great fridge and we are very happy with it but like all things that reside under our roof, it has quirks. We noticed the strange banging noises the first night. At set times each day and night there was this tapping coming from the fridge. We have listened and searched but we can't figure out where exactly the noises are coming from. We joke about the little man we keep trapped in the fridge. After a while we didn't notice it anymore.

But lately the little man has discovered a new rhythm. Our fridge plays the bongos. Seriously, the noise coming from our fridge every 2-3 hours is a bongo melody along the lines of Jack Johnson(think Curious George here). Now the joke is that somehow I figured out how to plug the Zune into the fridge so I can dance while I cook.

So what could be making this odd sound? Being the imaginative type, I have pictures of pressure building in some heating coils in the undercarriage. The higher the pressure the more urgent the message the little man taps out on his drums, to warn us of the danger. When the fridge finally explores, what do you suppose the little man will play then? Taps of course!


Trish said...

Sounds like the makings of a fun story. :)

Jeane said...

Does your fridge have an ice-maker? Mine doesn't, my mother-in-law's does and it kept startling me with weird noises until someone explained what they were!