December 09, 2007

The Sunday Salon

Though we are fighting off the stomach flu around here, I did manage to get in a couple of hours of reading today. I am almost done reading Endurance, a record of Shackleton's antarctic expedition. It has been a very interesting read. Fortunately my local library has a copy of Worsley's other book entitled Shackleton's Boat Journey. My current reading speed is about 20 pages an hour. If I continue at this rate I may be able to finish the book tomorrow. This depends greatly on whether I am to continue to play nurse or if I become a patient. Unfortunately, the forecast doesn't look good.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're soon all better. There is a really nasty flu bug doing the rounds here as well, definitely not what you want in the run up to Christmas.

cj said...

Sorry the bug has hit your place. It definitely sucks, doesn't it?

As for Endurance - it's an amazing books, isn't it? The only part I didn't like had to do with the sled dogs. I won't say more but it wasn't my favorite part.


Petunia said...

Table Talk-at least we are done for the season and can be healthy when we travel at Christmas.

CJ-Yes, I'd say sucks is the word for it.

And Endurance has been a great read. Shackleton sounds like an amazing kind of person.