November 30, 2007

What's Up Lately

I feel like a bit of a bum for not posting much in the last couple of weeks but I think NaNo zapped the Muse clean out of me. I want to write but whenever I think of what to write I am at a loss. Sometimes I think of something terrific to write about but then I forget it before I get a chance to do something with it. What am I doing when I'm not trying to think of post ideas?

  • took Goldilocks to her final horse riding lessons today
  • reading 3 books at once
  • hand sewing a quilt from a friend's grandmother
  • watched Cold Mountain and covered my eyes through half of it
  • writing out the kids' school schedules for the next 3 months
  • planning our Christmas vacation
  • played way too much Gameboy
  • visited an acupuncturist to have NAET done for hormone issues
  • nursing a sick but energetic 5 year old who apparently gets more hyper on cough meds.

All this on top of my usual busy schedule. But the Christmas tree is up and the Christmas music is playing. The friends are near and the family will be soon. I am a pretty happy lady.


Carl V. said...

I can't imagine just how draining an experience that has to be. I think I'd be wiped out for months after something like that. Kudos to you for doing it!

Petunia said...

Thanks Carl. You should try it some time. Your writing is so inspiring and amusing. I'd love to read a book written by you. Maybe next year?