July 16, 2007

Vacation Snapshots

Here are just a few of the beautiful sites we took in on our Pacific Northwest vacation:

Doesn't this mansion look like the perfect setting for a Gothic novel? Can't you just picture the ghosts in the windows? Too bad you can't see the inside. To find out more about the Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA, go here.

This little fella was looking for a few crumbs while we waited to take a tour through the Oregon Caves.

And this was from inside the caves. Those stalactites are known as cave drapes. It took them thousands of years to form.

This is MonkeyBoy, myself, and Goldilocks staring in wonder at the vast Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast. The air smelled of salt and some of the hollow crab shells were almost whole.

And lastly, Mt. Rainier in Washington. MonkeyBoy kept calling it "mountaineer" but the rest of us call it "mom's mountain." We lived near it briefly but it will always be at the center of my heart.


Robin said...

Very nice photos, but my favorite if of The Mountain, as we call it. It slows down traffic here in the Seattle area on a clear day, you know. Everyone has to look at it, it's so beautiful and amazing.

kookiejar said...

Those are nice pictures. Looks like the weather was pretty mild? Must have been wonderful.

Petunia said...

Robin-Rainier looks to best on a clear evening as the sun is setting, when it turns a bright shade of orange. Oh how I miss Washington!

Kookiejar-the weather was a perfect 75 while we were there. I far cry from the 105 of our native California.

Nymeth said...

Such nice pictures! I really like the mansion in the first picture. Thank you for the link with more information about it. I can imagine a thousand stories taking place in a house like that!

Carrie K said...

Oh, gorgeous!