July 25, 2007

Busy Busy

I will be gone once again for a long weekend. I have the audio version of To Kill a Mockingbird to listen to on my long drive. While I am visiting with family I will finish Shen of the Sea and Greek Lyrics. Then, when I return I will pick up Flannery O'Connor's The Complete Stories and Horace's Odes from the library. I will need to renew the biography of Edith Wharton by Hermione Lee one more time in order to get through the last couple hundred pages.

As you can see I have been reading and will be doing quite a bit more. I also have about 5 children's books about ancient Egypt to look over for school in the fall. And I'm browsing books on fairy parties as Goldilocks will be turning 10 soon. So why do I feel like I'm getting nothing done lately?

Oh, and we've been dealing with hives, car trouble, and now pinkeye. I hate to expose my nieces and nephew who are visiting from Texas but it doesn't look like it can be helped at this point. All this plus the humid 100 degree weather we are having makes me want to take a nap; a very looooong nap.


Trish said...

I love Flannery O'Connor's short stories! Sounds like you have been busy--good luck with the pinkeye! :)

Eva said...

Awww-sorry about all the stresses in your life.

I've tagged you for the blogging tips meme, but if you're too busy I definitely understand. If not, here's the post describing it: http://astripedarmchair.blogspot.com/2007/07/blogging-tips-meme.html

Petunia said...

trish-pinkeye is gone. O'Connor is not in at the library yet. Guess I'll finish a few other books while I'm waiting.

eva-I've seen that meme going around. I'll play when I have a spare minute. Thanks!