June 27, 2007

Sad News

I just learned from Sarala at Blogaway that Nattie from Nattie Writes passed away on June 7th. I have been participating in her Newbery Challenge and I knew that she had been diagnosed with cancer since she started the challenge but the last time I visited her blog she was very sick but still hanging on. Apparently the last time I checked her blog was 2 days before she died.

From her site you can tell that Nattie loved the Lord. She made a point of looking at the bright side of everything. Even as she was in the hospital in tremendous pain she would dictate to her daddy wonderfully encouraging posts for her readers. Her daddy is keeping her blog running, reposting her older entries. My heart goes out to Natties family and friends.

I will continue to read from my Newbery Challenge list.

I am very sad today with this news.


sarala said...

I'm still doing the challenge too. What a sad end to someone's story.

Petunia said...

It was all so sudden. One month she posted about not feeling well and seeing the Dr. The next month she is gone. I feel so bad for her poor family.