May 20, 2007

Sunday Worship in Song

I was not raised in churches that sang from hymnals so I am weekly refreshed by these beautiful songs of worship and encouragement. There is always a certain verse or two that jumps out at me to make me bow my head in awe at the wonder of my salvation. Each Sunday I hope to share the verse that made my heart sing.

From the Psalter Hymnal of the Christian Reformed Church
#13 Lord, Our Lord, Thy Glorious Name
verses 3 & 4, with refrain

Moon and stars in shining height
Nightly tell their Makers' might;
When Thy wondrous heavens I scan,
Then I know how weak is man.
How great Thy Name!*

What is man that he should be
Loved and visited by Thee,
Raised to an exalted height,
Crowned with honor in Thy site!
How great Thy Name!*

Lord, our Lord, in all the earth,
How great Thy Name!
Thine the Name of matchless worth,
Excellent in all the earth;
How great Thy Name!

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