October 24, 2006

TV Obsessions

I have returned from my little vacation, not more relaxed than when I left. Staying at Mom's always reminds me of why I don't have TV; I'm an addict. I sit up all night watching anything and, mostly, nothing just because it's there. I bring a book with me every time but never end up reading. I had a week and 70 pages to the end of my latest read but it sat collecting dust in the car.

I'm not sure what it is that drives me to stare mindlessly at this glass tube but it sure isn't the quality. I was shocked at the commercials and turned off by the latest trends. Everything that I find wrong with the world around me is in concentrated form to tickle the fancy. Ick. Take it from me, please!

But now I am home again. My books are all here waiting for me. They won't have to compete for my attention any longer. Aaahhh. That's better.

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