August 26, 2006

My Friend, SuperMom

I have the coolest friend in the world. Last night she calls me to tell me she has been worried about my family sitting in a hot apartment and has come up with a solution. She has another friend whose house flooded a few weeks ago. While the house is under repair her swamp cooler is not being used. So my friend picked up her friend's cooler and several box fans and delivered them and even set them up for us last night. She even brought us a couple of Starbucks Tangerine Frappacinos to cool us down immediately.

Now all of this is enough to make me very grateful in itself but when you add in that she has 8 kids(one is 3 weeks old) that she is homeschooling you can see why I call her SuperMom. I have never met a nicer person in my life. She does this kind of thing all the time. She would bring a stranger the moon if it would make their life easier. She puts me to shame.

So thank you SuperMom, from the bottom of my heart. You inspire me to change in the best of ways.

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